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    Dear Newbury Families,

    As you may have recently heard or learned, by order of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, schools will remain closed until May 1, 2020. While no one could have anticipated that a global pandemic with worldwide consequences would have befallen our District, my hope with this letter is to remain poised, positive and focused on the potential of each one of our Newbury students.

    Specifically, Governor DeWine has ordered the close closure period to remain enforced until May 1st. Students are encouraged to continue learning as they have been during the first three weeks of the ordered school closure period, including through their respective Google Classrooms and online instructional materials. Online learning provides an added benefit of preparing our students for real-world interactions, in an ever-changing global business environment. While the one-on-one interaction of teachers and students in a classroom is optimal, the online learning opportunities are a suitable replacement option during unforeseen circumstances such as the present time. Do your best, continue to stretch and grow as best as possible, and learn. 

    Our younger students are encouraged to complete the hard copy packets that our teachers devotedly assembled, but are advised they will be transitioning to an electronic format.  If you have been issued a Google Chromebook, the Newbury Local Schools will be finalizing a “return date” for those devices for some time in the near future. Other announcements are forthcoming as well, as it relates to a variety of year-end activities. Please continue to visit the website, as it has become our primary hub for updates and announcements that must be quickly communicated.

    The status of year-end events is currently being finalized, and while I know that you are all likely interested in how and when important milestones such as commencement will take place, please know that the Newbury Local Schools is dedicated to keeping the wonderful students of our District informed. As mentioned above, please use the website at www.newburyschools.org as your hub for updates and information. While we understand that this time of transition is unprecedented, we thank you for your patience, flexibility and support. All decisions that we share from statewide officials are being made with an abundance of caution, and in the important attempt to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 


    How you think is everything! Spend a little more time today focused on your capacity to learn, and you will do so. Invest a few more minutes getting used to the technology, and tomorrow you’ll be that much further ahead. I am confident in our Newbury learners, young and old, that we will all successfully adapt to the current situation.  Thank you all once again. I continue to be inspired by the messages of encouragement, love and compassion that you share. Be safe. Remain well. Stay healthy. 




    Dr. Jacqueline Hoynes


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